Simple Wellness Solutions

Solutions for Health & Wellness

We views each person’s health as a cherished gift that requires care every day. The Solutions for Health & Wellness pages have a great deal of information to help you understand and ease some of life’s most common challenges to your health. In this section look for helpful tips and special tools related to heart disease, sleep problems, pain, weight concerns and immune-system deficiencies.

  • Heart Disease

    Because various forms of heart disease afflict so many worldwide, it’s imperative that you, your relatives and friends be as informed as possible about their symptoms, causes, prevention and solutions.

  • Sleeplessness

    Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S., have trouble sleeping, which deprives the body of the mental, physical and emotional energy it needs throughout the day to remain healthy.

  • Pain Management

    Feeling pain, whether intermittent or constant, is not a pleasant way to live; yet, it is extremely commonplace. There are simple and effective measures you can take to ease pain.

  • Weight Loss

    Overweight and obesity are an international crisis, affecting a billion-plus children and adults, according to the most recent statistics. Stress is major contributor. Heart intelligence holds key solutions.

  • Immune System

    Your immune system is your fortress against infection, disease and ill health. Did you know you could boost your immunity in just a few quiet moments each day?


Solutions for Emotional Well-Being

We devote considerable time, energy and resources to keeping physically fit, but often neglect an equally important component of wellness. Our emotional well-being is essential to optimal health. Using scientific data synthesized for easy reading and tips you can use immediately, you can start recognizing and lowering the stress in your life and begin dealing compassionately and effectively with depression, anxiety, anger and more.

  • Stress

    Who hasn’t heard about the dangers of stress? It is pervasive and can be life threatening. So much of modern life contributes to it. Start combating your daily stressors now.

  • Anger

    When anger controls us, it can be highly destructive to relationships, happiness and health. There are simple tools to stop it when it surfaces and prevent it from reoccurring.

  • Anxiety

    It’s natural to experience some anxiety occasionally, but did you know serious forms – anxiety disorders – affect an estimated 40 million Americans? Learn HeartMath’s simple techniques to begin managing your anxiety.

  • Time Pressure

    There’s never enough time: It’s overwhelming, discouraging. Start listening to the ways your intelligent heart tells you enough is enough, and begin re-energizing your life with a few simple tools.

  • Increasing Energy

    Eat healthy and exercise for all the energy you desire. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for many people. Increase energy and resilience with the power of the heart and balanced emotions.

  • Depression

    Depression is a modern malaise researchers say may be doubling every decade. You or loved ones can begin emerging from the loneliness and hopelessness of depression with these techniques.


Solutions for Performance

Is burnout or fatigue stifling your desire and commitment? Does anxiety cause you to perform poorly on important tests or in interviews? Or is your financial stress so great that you fear you’ll never reach your goals? Such concerns are commonplace in these hurried, stressful and economically challenging times. This section will teach you simple steps to revitalize and build resilience in your life.

  • Burnout & Fatigue

    We know stress is key culprit in the rising rate of burnout and fatigue within critical professions like teaching, law enforcement and health care. Learn HeartMath’s resilience-building tips.

  • Relationships

    Our relationships with family, friends and lovers are as important as the air we breathe. Just a nice thought? Research shows relationships are vital, and HeartMath can help with yours.

  • Test Anxiety

    Some people seem able to perform with ease during tests, job interviews and important meetings. Most, however, experience some anxiety, often a lot. You can lower your anxiety.

  • Developing Intuition

    Intuition is real, not luck or calculated guesswork. Intuition is a process involving your mind, emotions and intelligence of your heart. Develop and utilize your intuition more often with practice.

  • Decision-Making

    "Make a decision," we are told. The problem is whether our decisions are wise. When you truly involve the heart in your decisions, effective choices begin flowing with greater ease.

  • Financial Stress

    Financial stress, often as debilitating as any illness, especially when others depend on us, saps our stamina, hope and even our self-worth. Replacing negative responses with positive ones will help.

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